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Inspiring kids to become confident
& smart art creators! 

Art Class Girl

Our creative and educational art classes are tailored for enthusiastic artists of all ability levels. We encourage exploration and experimentation with fun activities in painting, drawing and mixed media. Our studio is located at Matua Hall, Tauranga, come and join us!

Pretty smart art in practice
You'll learn art techniques & try new materials • Jumpstart inspiration with artists work & experiment in their style • Apply a specific art Element & Principal each week • Complete multiple artworks each term, ready to frame & hang at home! • Receive newsletter updates & our next learning activity​ focus • Plus, show off your ART at an end of term show!

the benefits of art education
Creativity is a brain booster! It builds confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Improves concentration and makes us feel more engaged and resilient. Develops practical abilities in observation, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Engages critical thinking, risk taking and problem solving. Teaches essential skills such as following a process, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and critical judgement. Expands creative expression, celebrating difference and acceptance of all creative interpretations. The bonus is... learnings cross-pollinate into innovative thinking across the curriculum, the benefits are endless!

meet the teacher
I'm Ave, a qualified secondary art and design teacher. I've been teaching art and working in the design, publishing and advertising industry for over 20 years, plus a practicing artist since I could draw!! I paint, make, create, ideate, am constantly sparked by wild imaginative ideas. I'm excited to share my skills and be truly inspired by a class of budding artists at Pretty Smart Art. 

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art Studio

Corner of Levers and Hall Rd

110 Levers Road, Matua, Tauranga

PH: 021 0623917


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