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Our art classes aim to nurture the creative spirit by encouraging exploration and experimentation, within the creative process.

There are no rights or wrongs or limits to creativity!

We heart art Kids!
Ages 7+ • Max 10 students • 9 weeks (Week 1-9)
Wednesday 4pm – 5.30pm  TERM 4 CLOSED
Thursday 3.30pm – 5pm       TERM 4 CLOSED

Creative energy will be engaged in our practical art class, exploring a range of super cool art themes and experiment with paint, watercolour, pastels, mixed media, collage and more! The class caters for all ability levels for the keen artistic child from 7+. Each week you'll learn a specific Principal / Element of art and test new techniques and materials. You'll come away with 5 or more completed pieces of art each term to hand proudly at home!


Receive a weekly

With art, photos, updates + the
learning focus

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We Heart art kids

Wednesday   TERM 4 CLOSED     4pm –5.30pm      $240

* Class start promptly at 4pm, please arrive 5 minutes prior.


Thursday        TERM 4 CLOSED     3.30pm –5pm      $240

* Class start promptly at 3.30pm, please arrive 5 minutes prior.


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* Please provide your child with a drink and afternoon snack if required (Please note we do not break during class time). A parent or caregiver is required to check in/out child, unless otherwise arranged.

We heart art

Thursday 6 – 8pm • 20th July – 14th September

Take time out to recharge your creative spirit with our fun, supportive and relaxing art class. Get inspired with creative ideas, dabble with a variety of mediums, and make some creative connections in an encouraging group.You're a beginner... no worries, the class is for all ability levels. We'll keep if fresh with a variety of mark-making, mixed media, painting, maybe even some 'live' drawing with a musician.
All materials included. 

We Heart art grown ups!

Every Wednesday   Dates TBC     6pm – 8pm      $300

* Class starts at 6pm, please arrive 5 minutes prior.


Image provided by Kathryn Reid from
ourPeter Cromer holiday class

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